hot water tank services and repair north york

All the machines that involves water and electricity, needs a special care. You agree or not! When we talk about water heater installation, even they need high care for a long life and efficient working.  

Have you noticed sudden decrease in the water flow? Is the water now lukewarm in nature, less warm than before? These are the sure signs that your instant hot water heater needs a replacement or service.  

Instead of taking your ‘on demand water heater’ for granted, let’s promise to carry out a water heater maintenance check once a year. Our certified technicians here at NRG Serve will instantly answer your water heater failure issues and help you solve all your HVAC concerns.  

Water Heater Service 

We only focus in providing quality service to our customers, and to ensure that all your issues are rightly addressed. Our hot water tank service includes: 


  • Overall  Water Heater Solutions 
  • Basic hot water tank troubleshooting 
  • Efficiency check 
  • Resolve any system leaks 
  • Maintenance 
  • Repair 
  • Drainage path 

Common Water Heater Issues That You May Face  

If the hot water heater is not maintained well, you are sure to face lot of troubles in future. Our expert team has designed a strong troubleshooting plan to tackle the following water tank problems:  


  1. Water temperature not setting properly 
  2. Machine leaks 
  3. Hot water tank making noise 
  4. Damaged or broken tubes 
  5. Faulty pilot system 
  6. Leaking pressure relief valve 
  7. Water having some odor 
  8. Tank liner breakdown 

Brands for Which We Provide Service


  • Whirlpool 
  • American 
  • A.O Smith 
  • Rheem 
  • Kenmore 
  • Bradford White 

Are you having trouble with your hot water tank? We are just a call away! Call our team at NRG Serve in North York, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas for a healthy running furnace.