Why I’ll Be Using Energy Efficient HVAC System for My Home?

Hello everyone, I have been wondering about the different energy efficient HVAC systems around – not acknowledging their presence doesn’t seem fair. Right?

Now dating back to the olden times, all the HVAC options were expensive, and people would easily skip on it for the same reason. Things aren’t the same anymore! The HVAC machine cost and the heating repair expenses have reduced by a great margin, and indeed people are more aware now.

Did you know that a solar energy installation can reduce about 45% of your total power consumption? Crazy isn’t it? That’s the natural energy we have.

Adding a smart thermostat to the home HVAC can make the game stronger!

Some Basics About Energy Efficient HVAC & Their Benefits

Let’s cut the chase. Are you wondering to buy an energy efficient heating or cooling system for your home? However, confused with the why and how's?

Having an efficient air conditioner or furnace will only do good for you. What are the things you need to note? Check them out below.

Energy Efficient Ratings

You buy an HVAC system with the thought of using it for a long time (all of us, yes). All the machines no matter how long you have taken care would give up at some point in time. You may repair it or replace the same with an upgraded model, this depends on a lot of factors. So how to know if the HVAC unit is worth the investment or not?

You can check out the energy star ratings and know the overall efficiency of the machine. The air conditioners and heaters have a rating called ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’ and this score determines how efficiently the machine converts the fuel to energy. Only the HVAC products that have SEER rating 15 or higher fall under the Energy Star. Using this info, you can know whether you should invest in the product or not.

Lesser Electricity Bills

If you have an energy efficient heating or cooling machine at home, then you are sure to get lower electricity bills than the normal. This means the machine is smart enough to use the required amount of energy for the operation and thus saving your money!

The savings you gain from an energy efficient HVAC will pay off the system upgrades! We are going to discuss the same thing in the next point.

Temperature Detection is Improved

I don’t know how many people know this, but accurate temperature detection can save up a lot of your money.

Talking about the smart and efficient HVAC systems, they will determine the temperature of the room and work in the way it’s needed. This way you can either cool or heat a room without making the machine overdo the job.

Thus, your machine reads the accurate temperature and you won’t have to waste your hard-earned money!

Less Repairing Needed

If you are maintaining all your home HVAC systems well, then you rarely would have to spend on repairs. This doesn’t mean that your quality air conditioner could always work the best.

The heating and cooling units will work efficiently, and because of this same reason save your maintenance repair costs too.

Coming to the modern HVAC companies, they are well advanced and versatile than their previous counterparts. This means, even if you need to replace any part of the HVAC unit; you could buy or fix them easily in the current time.

Increasing Automation

America has witnessed the growth of home automation like none other countries. It is estimated that by the next 24 months, more than 58% of the homes in America will have at least one automation machine.

The happy news is HVAC industry understands the impact of automation and it’s benefits associated with the ‘Internet of Things’!

One simple example is the air conditioner controlled by your smartphone. You can turn the machine on or off as per your choice, from anywhere or any time of the day! Automation added to the HVAC can save a lot of your money throughout the year.

These were the benefits of installing an energy efficient HVAC system home and well there are a lot of things that you can do to take it a level higher!

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How to achieve an energy efficient HVAC experience?

So yes, till now we talked about how smart HVAC and technology can help us in saving our money and resources.

What if I say that you invest in the heating and air conditioner units for a while and make them work longer? Following are some of the simple changes you can do for your heating and cooling purposes:

Calculate the load calculation at your home and built an HVAC system accordingly

If you are new to HVAC, you can first do the load calculation and get an idea of the how's and where's of the installation.

Add a Smart Thermostat with your Heating and Cooling Appliances

With the help of a smart thermostat, you can have better control over the electricity used and have less energy loss. This is one of the important assets for an energy-efficient HVAC setup at home.

Open the curtains and use nature’s energy

This is for the winter days, open the doors and windows – let the sunlight give a natural warmth to your rooms. No matter how much you develop the machines, don’t forget the nature and its wonders.

Take care of your HVAC Systems with regular maintenance

I guess you know this now. If you have an air conditioner or furnace HVAC running at home, then make sure they are serviced on time. This not only assures efficient use of energy but also keeps your family safe.

Make sure that your home is air-tight!

If the house is not properly sealed while the AC is running – you are wasting out a lot of energy. This is a simple yet ignored point by a lot of people.

Choose the right space for the HVAC Installation

IMPORTANT! Before you go ahead with the heater or furnace installation at home, make sure you have enough space. Safety and space constraints are something you can’t ignore.

Get your old HVAC units out which are due to be replaced for a long time

Okay, it’s time to give adieu to that personal heater you bought years back. This will save space and prevent any electric mishaps in the future.

Wrapping up...

I hope this blog helped you with knowing the basics of installing an HVAC and its quality benefits. Planning to buy an HVAC system? Make sure you have done quality research on it, as it’s indeed a big investment which you are going to make!

If you got any queries or confusion, you can contact our heating and cooling experts at NRG Serve!