When to do Furnace Tune Up? Look for these 10 Signs Next Time!

You would wish to spend some warm-cozy time with your family on a Sunday, but your furnace is not working in the right way. That could be frustrating and disappointing – we do have a solution out. I know my friends at Richmond Hill who usually skip the annual HVAC maintenance check unless the machine shuts down one day.  

However, you can outsmart the furnace machine by looking for some simple signs. Following are the 10 signs to say it’s time for the furnace tune up:  

Sign #1 The Common One; No or Less Heat Generated.  

Yes, this could happen if you haven’t looked at your furnace for a long time. Furnace not working is the most common issue of all, where you will find there’s no heat coming out of the ducts and the registers. This is when you know that you need a furnace tune-up asap. Contact your nearest HVAC technician schedule furnace check session.  

Sign #2 Leaking Water for a Pretty Long Time 

A furnace can have two types of leak; water or gas. The latter type of leak can cause more expense than the other, still, if the furnace has a water leak you must correct the issue at the earliest. You can know about this problem quickly with the water pooling under or near the furnace system. It’s better to get in touch with a professional since this issue is a mix of HVAC and plumbing.   

Sign #3 Furnace Is Giving out an Odor 

If you are using an oil or gas furnace, then there will be a different smell associated with the furnace. However, if the smell persists in all the rooms then I think you should get your furnace checkup done soon. Just one call to us, and we shall reach your home quickly to inspect the device.  

Sign #4 Furnace is making a weird noise  

The noise could be weird or in some other cases, it could be loud for you to handle. This can be caused due to some loose or broken parts inside the furnace. Well, a normal noise coming from a working furnace is not an issue but if the sound is loud and a banging one then you must do something about it. Also, there is a chance that the problem is caused by the blower motor inside the furnace.  

Sign #5 Increasing Energy Bills  

Is your utility bill going up lately without any significant rise in machine use? This could also be a sign of a furnace checkup. It can be related to the duct fittings or something other, there are different possibilities. This is where you will need the help of an HVAC expert. We will check the problem, study the machine and suggest the best possible solution.  

Sign #6 The Air Blow Is Weak Lately 

Have you ever driven a car with a broken heater? If yes, then you know it how quickly an easy flowing air can turn into a blocked path. This exactly can happen with your furnace system too, and the problem can range from a minor one to a major! Problems dealing with fans could be considered minor whereas the ones involving motor and belts – they fall in the major category. Once you find out the problem, make sure you call an HVAC specialist asap for the repair.  

Sign #7 Burner Flame Color Is Yellow  

Usually, a flame color is found to be blue, so if you find any other color except blue this indicates inefficient heating. It’s important to report the issue, especially when you feel like the flame is flickering and not working in the way it should. The yellow color of the flame could also a result of a carbon monoxide leak in the unit.  

Sign #8 Your Home Is Now All Dusty

You clean your home only to find all the rooms dusty? Follow your regular routine of cleaning and see if it gets fixed. In case the dust is not going, this could mean it’s time for the next furnace check up! Contact your trusted HVAC specialist in North York and get the machine fixed.  

Sign #9 Thermostat Is Not Working 

Are you setting your thermostat high lately and getting less heat difference? Then, this could be a problem and a clear sign that your furnace requires repair. The job of a thermostat is to ‘tell you the correct heat required’ for you. If the thermostat is not doing this job properly, you got to contact a professional. The reason could be anything related to loosening wiring, circuit tripping, etc. This comes to electrical assistance, and we would highly recommend DO NOT repair this issue by yourself. Contact us or any other nearest HVAC technician for further help.  

Sign #10 Furnace Is Old

And now, last but not least is the life of your furnace. Is the furnace too old to be working now? Then, I guess this could be another reason for the furnace shutdown. An average life span of furnace is around 15 years, while some of them may die by the age of 13! So, this depends a lot on the brand quality and level of care you have provided.  

By taking care of the furnace and regular tune-up you can save a lot of your bucks, improve the machine efficiency and experience better air quality indoors. Call our team at NRG Serve for regular HVAC tune-ups and repair! You can now get a free customized quote for your needs. Till then, cheers and happy living!