What Is Heat Recovery Ventilation System? How It Works for You?

Whenever we talk about heating and cooling mechanisms, it’s mandatory to know about the power savings too.

During the winters, we keep the doors and windows closed so that the heat stays inside the room. Whereas in the summers our air conditioners keep us cool, and we keep the windows closed so that no heat gets inside the room.

While we do all these temperature adjustments for our house, are we checking the air quality inside our home? When was the last time you checked the air quality and the home energy efficiency rating?

Do not worry!

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Earlier homes were not as energy-efficient as modern homes. Thermal insulation has a bigger role in this improvement. But! We still have a problem and that is the moisture retention property. We carry out different activities that involve water – bathing, shower, washing the dishes, etc. Hence, homes these days have higher moisture level which makes the space more vulnerable to mold, bacteria, and flu.

What you can do about this?

This is where the concept of heat exchange comes up. You can take the human body as an example here. Our body is just similar to the home, it does need air and some dampness inside, right? The complete process of heat exchange is performed by the magic thing called ‘nose’. As you breathe out, the outgoing air leaves your nasal a bit warm and this warmth is used up by the incoming air which is taken to the lungs. So, your body receives air which is warmer than the normal, and the outgoing air is cooler.

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What is Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System?

HRVs are nothing but the noses of your house

The HRV system consists of two ventilation ducts that are placed next to one another, which passes through the inside and outside of the house.

Cool air from outside comes inside the house, and the moldy/foul air goes out from the room. The best magical thing happens in the center portion where both the inlet and the outlet air meet, and this is where the heat exchange takes place. HRV works in a way that the heat of the outgoing air is passed on to the incoming air, without the air mixing up.

Also, the heat recovery ventilator also consists of fans or blowers that can be turned on or off automatically or manually as per the level of heat and humidity in your region.

You may also find a bypass fitted near the incoming air passage on this HVAC system. Using this you can enjoy the cool breeze from outside during summer times, and easily keep the outer air separate from the indoor air.

For small homes, the HRV system with a single unit could give effective ventilation to your home as and when the door/windows are opened. Whereas for larger homes, you will have a ventilation system in a grid style that feeds into ducts that finally meet a single unit kept outside the house.

Installation and the HRV usage vary from house to house and it even depends on the temperature and topography of the place you are staying in.

HRV System – The Good and the Bad

What’s Good about HRV?

A quality HRV will give you a comforting experience inside the home and putting control of your power bills. In the winters you will use less of the heating appliances whereas, in the summers, you will turn on the air conditioner for less time.

As the HRV system takes out the mold and the moisture out – home furniture and other decorator items last for a longer time.

What’s Bad about HRV?

Cost is one factor, yes HRV systems are expensive to install. However, it’s not just about the expenses. We are talking about the overall effect of installing a heat recovery system and checking the level of impact it creates throughout the year.

During extreme cold and hot climates, your HRV unit may seem to do a great job. But during a moderate climate where the temperature difference doesn’t matter much, you won’t need an HRV in that case.

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