Can Ultraviolet-C Lights Fight the Common Flu and Viruses? Are They Worth Your Money?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, people all across the globe are taking precautions and looking for ways on how to stay safe from flu and the common cold. Amidst this, we came across the special UV light installation that could possibly kill bacteria and keep you safe from any viral attack. The concept intrigued us, and our team has brought the findings for you.

If the HVAC units are not maintained properly, it will have mold and bacteria formation on it. Now here comes your responsibility to maintain home appliances in the way you should. Otherwise, the dirty or molded air duct will soon end up your loved ones with flu and cold.

UV-C lights or lamps are creating a buzz, and we did a study to find out the actual reality.

Does the UV-C Lights really kill bacteria and mold?

Yes, UV works. Science has proven that UV lights are capable of killing bacteria and mold. In the year 1903, Niels Finsen was awarded Nobel Prize for using the ultraviolet for treating the patients with a skin infection. Therefore, the concept is more than 100 years old!

UV lights are used as a germicidal in the hospitals and restaurants, and a few reports have shown evidence that it could help with sterilizing HVAC systems. Following are a few reports we came across:

  1. A study conducted by the Duke Medical Center proved that UV lights are capable of killing 97% of the bacteria, that are resistive to antibiotics.
  2. In the year 2001, the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology found out that the germicidal UV light is capable of killing the airborne fungi present in the air handling machines.

Therefore, having a UV-C lamp or light installed with your HVAC system could help immensely in the current flu-hit period. Also, many state hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical institutes have adopted this technology successfully. Then, why can’t we install it for our homes?

How much UV Lights cost?

If you are planning to install UV-C lights for your home, then there are 4 costs included in this. Among all the options, the popular ones used for coil and air ducts costs around $90 to $130, and the price will vary depending on the number of lamps you opt for.

An air sterilizing UV light includes an air filter that helps with the removal of allergens from the air. Regular lamps have a lifespan of 9 to 14 months, so you can make an estimate of $15 - $50 expense per year for changing the lamps depending on the number of lamps you opting for.

Benefits of Having UV

You can combat fungus and prevent the spread of bacteria by using the ultraviolet lights. Apart from this, you can even control the foul odor caused by the mold formation. This smell can spread across the entire home quickly.

Apart from this, the micro-organisms can clog the drain pipes of your HVAC cooler or heater. And if this happens, your AC condenser will start leaking and could end up in mold formation. In extreme cases, if the problem is not resolved early, it could contaminate the water as well.

Are the Ultraviolet Lights suitable for human exposure?

The UV-C light has the power to break any organism at its cellular level and disrupt the DNA structure. Talking about the human body exposure, the effect of UV-C will depend on the length of exposure, however, you can get burns on your skins if exposed for a long time. Also, the light can cause temporary damage to the cornea if looked upon directly with the bare eyes.

The UV-C is a known carcinogen for human skin. So, it’s better to stay away and keep a distance from the source in the best possible way.

What are the safety precautions that you can take with the UV-C Light Setup?

  • Keep all the necessary warning labels near the access panels and doors where there is a chance of UV radiation penetration and reflection.
  • Training your service technicians to never look the UV light directly without any kind of eye protection.
  • Create a strict policy to never let anyone enter the plenum while the UV-C lights are active.

If it’s still urgent and necessary to get into the plenum region, then make sure you are wearing all the necessary protective gears like UV goggles, UV face shields, tightly-woven wearing with most of the body parts covered and yes gloves too!

This way your service technician or your closed ones will remain protected from the radiations, along with the working of UV-C lights fighting against the room contaminants.

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