Summertime Start-up

Summertime Start-up

Is your home ready for the Summer? It's important to keep your family comfortable and safe during the heat, see our checklist below and let us know how we can help!

1) BBQ lines --the added convenience of switching from propane to natural gas is a no-brainer, you save money and time on your monthly bills. You can spend time bbq'ing with the family instead of waiting in line to exchange your propane tank

2) Pool Heater--give us a call to make sure that everything is working before you and your guests take a dip

3) Air conditioner--are there any leaves in your air conditioner? is it plugged, dirty, or rusty? Insufficient cooling, ice build up, and a noisy compressor are problems that can occur, so stay ahead of the game by calling us to make sure you are ready

At NRG Serve it is our utmost priority to leave you safe and comfortable during all seasons. Give us a call at 416-889-7785 with any questions and let us help you!