Should I Keep My Air Conditioner Covered in the Winters?

Your HVAC systems need a yearly maintenance check in order to run the machine smoothly in the way you want. Talking about the heating and cooling equipment, a lot of our customers have asked ‘whether air conditioner should be covered or not?’. The answer is air conditioner may or may not require any covering, as it depends on the region you are living and the level of maintenance you provide to all your HVAC systems.  

While we recommend you carry out all HVAC maintenance work with the help of a professional, there are certain things that you can carry out by yourself. One such work is the winter maintenance tip for the home air conditioners. Keep your air conditioners in check during the winters, to avoid hefty expenses caused by snow, ice or cold weather.  

Covering the Air Conditioner Unit in Winters? Does It Even Matter? 


We don’t want to dishearten you but covering your air conditioner in winters is not necessary. That means, if you don’t cover the air conditioner during the chilling weather or snow – it would be still fine for the HVAC unit. The reason for this is – all the home air conditioner systems are designed in a way that it could withstand normal to a harsh climate. They are capable to bear hot summers, rainy nights and even winter snowfalls!  

Even though you don’t need any sort of covering for the air conditioners, there are certain points you can consider for the care and maintenance purposes.  

Also, big manufacturers like Carrier and Lennox also don’t suggest keeping the conditioner units covered.  

From our research, we also found that company executives don’t recommend using any kind of cover for the air conditioner systems. They have explained that portable ac or any window air conditioner doesn’t require as such covering during any time of the season.  

Therefore, if you were in the thought that air conditioner covers would keep the AC units safe then see that even the company does not suggest doing this.  

However, there is one exception here. Read on to find out.   

How to Use an Air Conditioner Cover?


If you live around in the south, then you need not worry much about the AC in winters. But for those living in the north, it will be better to cover up the air conditioner in some specific circumstances.  

In case your place is predicted to have a hailstorm, then getting your air conditioner covered up would be a good idea. Hence if you have any information about a probable hailstorm, then go for an air conditioner cover and protect the indoor or outdoor unit.  

One way of tying up the air conditioning unit is by using the tarp. You can make use of rope and the duct tape for the covering up of the AC unit. The other way is to get the perfect size cover for the air conditioner. As we compare both the choices, the second option is more economical than the first one.  

We are just a call away for all your HVAC maintenance or air conditioner queries.  

Final Thoughts on Covering an Air Conditioning Unit


Should you cover your air conditioner or not? I would personally go with a NO for this. However, you can always give it a shot in case of a heavy hailstorm. Air conditioners are expensive, and it is our duty to take care of it in the right way. If you stay near Markham, Richmond Hill or North York, give a call to NRG Serve team for your HVAC tune-ups and maintenance.  

Take care guys.