How to prepare my HVAC Unit for stormy weather?

Probably it is said that the stormy season starts in the month of June through November. During summer storms are inevitable. The climate may significantly vary whenever, and particularly in Eastern Ontario. Truly, the changing temperatures bring numerous difficulties as we move from winter to spring and afterward summer.

Getting ready for an occasion or that type of hazardous circumstance that doesn't really mean it will occur, however basically being prepared for just in the case that it happens, will make sense in our betterment.

We should consistently protect our HVAC unit regardless of the sort of climate. With assistance from NRG HVAC Services, your HVAC unit will remain in top condition regardless of the climate.


There are several ways to be followed in terms of protecting your HVAC system against hurricanes. The expertise of HVAC systems often suggests 6 points to keep in mind. Let's look into it.

1. Secure Outside Unit

Your outside unit is helpless against solid breezes/storms, hail, and flying debris that can seriously harm it. Ensure your outside furniture, devices, and exercises are secure or taken care of with the goal that they can't be blown around in overwhelming breezes. You ought to likewise cover your unit to shield it from hail and unreasonable precipitation.

2. Keep-In off State the System

A surge protector will help in case of a lightning strike; however, this doesn’t ensure 100% about the prevention of electrical harm. Turn off your HVAC unit, and unplug the apparatuses and hardware to be much more secure.

There's additionally an opportunity that trash could stall out in your outside unit and wear out the engine. Avoid any and all risks by closing off capacity to your A/C framework. We suggest you divert off force from your indoor regulator and electrical switch.

3. Cover the AC Unit (Outside Compressor)

This progression is just extremely vital in a case when you're anticipating a tropical storm and high breezes. High breezes can knock down branches and trees that could harm your close-by unit when they land on it. Make certain to expel the covering when it's securely conceivable. Keeping your unit secured too long can help you in a distinct way i.e can trap moisture which leads to mold and mildew.

4. Install a Surge Protector

Lightning can make extreme harm to the electronic gadgets and machines in your home, including your HVAC unit. Introducing a surge protector will ground the lightning on the off chance that it hits your home.

A surge protector is a machine or gadget that protects electrical gadgets from the sudden change in voltages. A surge protector limits the supplied voltage to an electrical gadget either by blocking or by shorting to ground. It can ground any undesirable voltages over a secure threshold. For more details, please check the YouTube video.

5. Change the Air Filter

The air channels inside an HVAC framework are known for getting dirty after some time. In the event that an air channel is obstructed with allergens like earth, dander, and residue, the HVAC framework will do double the usual work to give warmth to the family unit.

On the off chance that you or somebody in the house smokes or possesses a pet, the channel can stop up considerably quicker. It's suggested that you change your channels like clockwork.

6. Get Regular Inspections

Ordinary HVAC assessments not only save money but they also set up your unit for serious tempests. Just like any major HVAC problem, even a minor tempest could aggravate the issue. A quick check will get the issue early and can help in making your unit run as productively as could reasonably be expected. Assuming that you live in North York, make NRG HVAC Services your first call when tempests hit.

We have crisis AC administration accessible all day, every day, and assurance of new AC establishments, too. To get some information about our HVAC administrations, services, or about introducing a climate control system, reach us today at 416-889-7785