7 Top-Notch HVAC Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Yes, 2020 is going to be a big year for the HVAC owners and users. Since the market is aligning with smarter technology, the HVAC companies are looking for ways to adopt advanced technology, have better company growth and expand their service to a wider audience.

Now, nothing happens overnight. Your team will have to do rigorous research and make the best use of resources. But where to start?

According to the ASHRAE Journal, there is an estimated growth of 5-10% based on 43% of the total HVAC forecast respondents. Therefore, it is all about how well you align the technology with the heating and cooling service.

You can take a look at the HVAC Trends for 2020 and get a better idea of how to plan your business. They are listed as below:

1. More of the Green Technology

In the year 2013, President Barack Obama did mention that the U.S Federal Government should start considering the use of renewable energy sources by 2020. We have a number of energy-efficient concepts that are being used including dual fuel heat pump, energy analysis software, thermal-supported air conditioning, etc. For example, the duel heat pump makes use of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump that provides the most efficient heating for different temperatures.

2. An increasing number of people joining the HVAC industry

There has been a sudden rise in the HVAC workforce. For example, in the year 2018, it was reported that around 1.2 million people are employed in the HVAC industry. Also, students opting for the HVAC trade school program are usually paid more and have better career prospects. The industry is growing and it is expected to have an added rate of 15% which is high considering all the other occupations.

3. SaaS

SaaS stands for software as a service and it helps with easing out an array of HVAC works for you. This software helps your business receive more customer calls and help you transform your one-time callers into a lifelong customer. Using this you get a better and secure way of planning your business according to the industry standards. While it also comes with the automation feature! In short, it is everything you need for your service enhancement.

4. Having a personal touch is the new thing

Along with business needs, even customer expectations are changing. A survey conducted by the State of Global Customer Service found that more than 75% of the customers expect the service representatives to have the purchase history and all the contact details as soon as they start speaking to the executive.

5. Company Culture will be in focus!

We all know the fact that the HVAC industry is booming, and we have a huge part of the youth that are willing to join us. Therefore, this will put the heating and cooling service leaders and the management in thought to make the work more fun and friendly for the newcomers. You can add in more incentives and other team perks for improving work motivation.

6. Usage of Solar or Geothermal Energy

While talking about the eco-friendly heating processes then Geothermal heat pumps will be a great source for both heating as well as cooling needs. Recently, the Department of Energy has announced that there are approx. 50,000 geothermal heat pumps installed across the US every year. Still, they are not in talks like the other options like solar panels or other cost-effective solutions.

7. IoT is going to flourish

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. A few years ago, the Internet of Things was a buzz-phrase that referred to a growing number of household appliances that were WIFI-enabled. Televisions, Stereos, Refrigerators. But now, there are many changes have taken place due to advances in computer science and technology that electrical devices can be made available in a network such that people can operate in remote places. It gives add-on benefits to HVAC.