How to Winter Proof House: The Money Saving Tip No One is Using!

While you get hot soup and keep yourself warm this winter, even your home requires the same attention.

It’s time to look at the ways in which you can winterproof your house in the best convenient way.

Why winterproof the house?

Almost all basic homes are designed in a way to withstand all the weather.

So why do I have to winterproof my home?

The answer is: the builders create home keeping in mind the comfort and protection of the family. However, things wear out with time and this is true for the homes as well. When the walls and door start to wear out, you will have to do some maintenance on it. The cracks on the window can freeze you out during the winters. What can you do about it?

This is where ‘winterizing your home’ or Winterproofing the house comes into the picture. By doing so you not only save your bucks but also gain the best home comfort in winters. So, shall we get started?

Easy Practical Ways to Winterproof your House

Here’s a summary of the things you can do to save up your power bills and get the best kind of comfort.

1. The most crucial thing that comes to my mind while winterproofing is to ensure that the melting snow doesn’t get on the exterior coating, siding, and the bricks. If it does, then all the external structure and the wood framing will get wet. With the help of an exterior repelling sheet, you can make the job easier else you got to wait for the sheet to dry up. If the sheet gets wet-dry again and again, then that could be a problem.

2. Get a storm door for your home. A storm door is an extra layer of insulation for homes, that comes in aluminum, wood or plastic form. By adding this door to the entry point area, you can improve the indoor warmth and restrict the cold wind from getting inside. Warm Mist Humidifiers can be a great addon too for extreme cold and dry indoors.

3. Another tip to note for winterizing your home is the plumbing work. This may sound confusing, but we do have a point here. Do you have water pipes that are exposed to the cold winter outside your home? If yes, then think about insulating them. Insulating a pipe won’t cost you much, and you can get the job done at the nearest hardware shop. This winterproof house tip will save your pipes from bursting this winter.

4. Having an energy-efficient home can help you save money too! Firstly, check the water heater temperature. If it is set at 140 degrees, you can lower that to 120 and reduce your energy consumption by 6-10%! Another cool way is to install a thermostat at home. Set your HVAC system as per the need of the hour. If you are staying away from home for a few weeks, set the thermostat accordingly. Turn the heater system as your arrival nears or right after you are home.

5. Cracked or broken windows are one of those easily overlooked places at home. Repairing them can be expensive, however, we do have a way out here. Bubble wraps can help you with preparing the home for winter. They easily trap the cold air and also allowing quality light to get inside the house.

6. While you prepare your home for winters, do not forget the safety concerns which are equally crucial. One of the best ways to do that is by conducting a winter HVAC check up with the nearest HVAC specialist in North York / Markham / Richmond Hill. We do service for all the mentioned locations; you can get in touch with us and book an appointment today!

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