What to do if the Furnace Igniter doesn’t work?

Edit: I know it’s sunny summers, but you still need a furnace to circulate the cooled air in a better way. Happy Reading! 

If your furnace is not working or stops working for some reason, then it could be disappointing at first. But if the furnace problem is related to your faulty furnace igniter then maybe you should relax. Today I am going to discuss the same, and share different ways in which you could correct a furnace igniter by yourself. So, stay tuned!   

Most of the time the homeowners discover the furnace problem when they turn it on during the winter start. It could happen any time of the year, you need to closely diagnose and see how to solve the issue.   

5 Sure-Signs for a Bad Furnace Igniter 

There could be a variety of reasons that caused your furnace igniter to be bad.  

If your furnace is not working then first make sure you check the igniter condition. This is because a bad igniter can shut down the furnace completely, which is again for the safety purpose. 

To start with how would you tell that your igniter is in a bad condition? There are some signs to look for!  

The basic sign would be the no heat condition, I know that would come as a blow to you in the winters. In case, you are facing the no heat condition then try to inspect your furnace. Following are the other 5 Furnace Signs that indicate about the Furnace Igniter problem:  

1) Thermostat can tell you the answers 

Inspect your thermostat, and set it to the heat setting and see how the thermostat behaves. If the room temperature is colder than the set temperature, we have an issue.  

You could then turn on the ‘fan’ switch so that the furnace blows out air. If the furnace system fails to turn on, then you could mark the error code shown on the screen. (new furnaces have the screen with them).  

If none of the given steps work, then the issue is a bit more critical than you have imagined.  

2) Filter check! 

The second thing you could check out is the furnace filter. Your furnace ignition may not be igniting because of the bad filter. Try replacing the filter and check whether the furnace is working or not.  

If the air filters are not changed or cleaned at regular time intervals, they can get clogged which could cause the furnace to breakdown.  

To resolve this, clean the furnace filter and ensure that all the registers and vents are clean. Run the furnace system again, in case this doesn’t work you may have to contact the nearest HVAC contractor as soon as possible!  

3) The Gas Line 

Check if the gas line is turned on and it’s working. You can test this by examining the outside shut-off valve. The second way to test this is by igniting another gas appliance running at home.  

If you think the gas system is working perfectly, check the connection of the gas line to the furnace system is clean and doing well.  

Now, if the gas supply is not set properly, the furnace won’t be able to burn the fuel properly and thus reducing the furnace efficiency.  

If you find a smell coming out from the furnace, then it is safe to move out of the room and consult the HVAC specialist immediately.  

4) What about pilot light?  

Yes! The ignition sensor itself could be the reason for the furnace ignition issue. It is possible.  

Especially, when you turn on the furnace and there is a ticking sound but it doesn’t fire up as it should.  

To resolve the ignition sensor problem, you could try out the following steps and see if it works.  

  • Turn off the gas connection to the furnace. Now, carefully remove the front panel, which is often placed near the burner side.
  • Clean the sensors if they are dirty. Use a screwdriver and open it up carefully if you are planning to clean the sensors. Take help from elders or some who are comfortable with dealing with delicate things.
  • Once the cleaning work is done, pack all of them back as it was before. Set back the panel, and then turn the gas on. Now start the furnace.
  • Set an appropriate temperature on the thermostat and see if the furnace turns up.

If you are starting the gas furnace for the first time in this season, then you will have to wait in for some time. This waiting duration keeps on changing depending on the length of the gas line and the time it takes the fuel to reach the pilot light.  

So, be patient!  

5) Furnace 

And of course, the furnace might be the reason for all the problems. The last but not the least reason!  

Check the furnace switches, they might have been accidentally switched off, so check it again. 

If it’s a gas furnace system, then you will still need electricity to run it. So, check all the switches, and even the breaker if the power to the furnace is not disconnected.  

Check for the tripping, if yes – then turn it on again. If this doesn’t work, consult your HVAC Contractor North York and get it resolved.  

That’s it, guys!   

Call our team for any HVAC assistance if you are confused as to how and where to start the furnace ignition troubleshooting.  

Check out this video tutorial on Furnace Igniter Testing and Repair:  

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