8 Quick Tips to Extend Air Conditioner Lifespan [Tested]

The average life of an ac unit is around 15 years, and it can run for more if they are maintained in the right way. Also, running your air conditioner effectively during those hot summer months of Brampton, ON is equally essential.

Today we shall discuss on the means by which you can take care of the air conditioner and increase the lifespan of central ac unit in the right way.

Ways to Increase the Life of Your Air Conditioner Unit at Home

If you ask me this is achievable or not? My answer would be Yes! Taking proper care of the air conditioner will make the machine work more for you. Confused how to do so? Following are the maintenance tips that you need to follow:

Clean Your Air Conditioner
I know this is the basic step of all, and an obvious thing. A dirty air conditioner or a clogged one is not going to work for any long. It will be hard for the ac to conduct proper airflow if the unit is not repaired on time. This will lead to less cooling and eventually a breakdown. So, hurry up! Clean the unit regularly and keep it free of slime buildup.

Give a Break to Your AC
The second essential thing is giving quality rest time to your air conditioners. If your ac is running the whole day, then it will surely wear out quickly. We don’t want that surely. What can you do about this?

You can turn off the air conditioner the moment you step out of the room. During the night hours, turn on the thermostat that will closely monitor the running of the AC system and prevent it from running for a long continuous period.

How Well Is Your AC Installation Done?
Installation must be perfect. It doesn’t matter which brand you use or the cost range of the room air conditioner, the unit should be installed in the right manner.

Improper AC installation is more common than you may imagine. Well, this is something that directly affects the life expectancy of the ac unit. Make sure you hire a trusted hvac contractor for the setup and all other kinds of ac repairs! You say, and we got that for you!

Schedule an Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance
So far, the best way for maintaining your AC is by carrying out annual maintenance. The appointed technician will go through the machine and test out each indoor-outdoor element. Any kind of machine problem if it is detected in the earlier stage, makes the repairing easy and cost-friendly too.

This way you get to use your air conditioner in the best of its capabilities.

Check the Air Circulation System
To make this simple, let me ask you one question. What does an air conditioner do? It cools the indoor air by pushing out the hot-humid air out and sends the cool air in. This functioning of the air conditioner will be made effective only if the air vents are clean and maintained properly. Check the vent portion for any block or obstacle that may affect the smooth air flow.

Clean the Ducts
If you are done with checking all the air conditioner components, then you must look at the air duct region. A well-maintained air duct will pass the air freely and give you all the comforts. The dirt and the hard buildups that gets collected near the duct portion will surely make the processing tough for your AC.

As you do air duct cleaning, you will get to enjoy free flowing air without any trouble causing dirt or dust. This will not only keep the machine efficient but also maintain a clean indoor air. I would recommend you carry out this work once in a year, just before you use the AC system in full-fledge.

Examine the Air Conditioner Filter
Up next is the air conditioner filters, that you need to focus on.

You can avoid clogging issues with a simple ac filter replacement. Get the conditioner filter changed to make your machine work more effectively and thus extending the lifespan of the air conditioner.

In case you didn’t know, a clogged air filter can make the machine over-do the task leading to overheating! So, don’t forget to check the air filters!

Repair Any Leaks in the System
Another way to extend the life of the air conditioner – Check for LEAKS! They are not as easy as it sounds. For a healthy ac compressor lifespan, it’s crucial that you see if there are any leaks the system. An easy leak can cause a big issue to your system and will also affect the air coming out of the vents.

Has the airflow reduced lately? This can be caused by a leaky duct! Get in touch with your local HVAC specialist today and resolve the issue asap.

These are the tips on how you should check your AC machine. Now you may ask, what’s the point of doing ac maintenance! Your answer is below!

Why should you tune up your Air Conditioner?

  • Increases the reliability

This is a sure thing! An air conditioner which is maintained regularly will give you a prolonged reliability and high performance. This allows the system to perform the best in all weathers and lets you do your job effectively. The more you maintain ac, lesser the hassles!

  • Reduced power bills

If the unit is a well-maintained one, then it won’t put too much load on the machine. The air conditioner will use up the power and work in a way it saves your bucks. Low power bills and less repair expenses too.

  • Comfort and longevity

At the end of the day, it’s your comfort and happiness that matters. A quality air conditioner is your answer for that! If an air conditioner is maintained in the proper way, then it will surely reap the benefits for you. So, get your ac maintenance appointment today, and run the system for the years to come.

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