6 Winter Furnace Maintenance Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Hello there! We are the NRG Serve team, and today we shall discuss some interesting furnace myths which aren’t true.

A furnace is probably the best winter things. They help with keeping your rooms warm and cozy.

As the winter has set in, we want our customers and friends to be aware of the furnace maintenance tips and the myths which come along with them.

In case of any furnace failure at home, get in touch with the HVAC Contractor Markham and resolve the problem asap. The team will inspect the machine and suggest a reliable and apt solution.

Common Furnace Maintenance Myths [BUSTED]

Cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean high power bills. It depends on how smartly you make use of the machine keeping the facts clear from the myths.

Myth #1 Closing the vents of the unused rooms will save power

In one way, this furnace maintenance point seems valid. Closing the vents of the room that you don’t want to heat, however, this blocks the working of the furnace.

Your home furnace works in such a way that it distributes the heat evenly inside the home. Once you close the vents, this makes the furnace to push harder and use more of the energy in heating the surrounding area. Hence to save power make sure all the vents are open devoid of any blocks.

Myth #2 Furnace filters should be replaced only twice in a year

People have asked me this query a couple of times, ‘which is the right time to replace the filters? How often should I replace them?’

The answer is simple – whenever you feel like the furnace filters are dirty and the air is not passing smoothly is the right time for changing the furnace filter.

You need to frequently check the filters and see if the efficiency has reduced. It’s not the question of how many times you replace the filters, but how much you use the furnace. Since furnace usage rises during the winters, it’s during this time when you will have to replace them often.

Myth #3 A high-efficiency furnace is the only thing I need for power savings

Running an efficient furnace HVAC system will surely help with reducing the electricity bills, but it’s not the only thing you need to focus on.

There are many other factors you can consider for the power savings which are listed below:

Keep the doors and windows properly sealed
Enough home insulation
Surround the room with high quality windows, so that the heat stays back in the room
Setting the thermostat temperature on a lower temperature
Close all the exterior and interior wall cracks
Fix the duct work and check for any leaks

Follow the above HVAC system checklist along with buying an energy-efficient furnace for home. As a result, get the best of your home furnace without breaking the bank.

Myth #4 Furnace maintenance is not a mandatory thing.

Most of the furnace owners believe that modern furnaces don’t require regular maintenance. Or if you are looking for ways to save money, you may end spending more by the end of the year.

What you should do – get your furnace tune up occasionally to ensure the best efficient results. This will keep your power bills in control and also help the furnaces run for a longer time!

Get your furnace maintenance done by the nearest HVAC Contractor before it turns out into a bigger problem.

Myth #5 Larger furnace systems are better when it comes to home heating solutions.

Uh-uh, not at all!

Sorry to all my fellow HVAC users who believed in the above statement before. It’s not how you think it is! A heating or cooling system which is larger than your actual need will only cause harm by the end of the year.

When it comes to furnaces, it’s important you consider the right fit for the home size you are living in. You can get in touch with our team and know the suitable furnace size for your house. A furnace system that is larger in size will work inefficiently leaving you uncomfortable and an incredibly high pay bill.

Myth #6 As my old furnace works fine, there’s no need to replace them.

It is normal to carry out a regular furnace repair every now and then. However, if the frequency of the repairs has increased in recent times, then this is something you need to take a closer look on. Today’s advanced and smart furnace saves you money and energy costs, compared to the older heating systems.

So, that’s it! These were the popular Furnace Maintenance Myths which I have come across. Which ones could you relate to?

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