6 Tips on How to Keep Your House Cool (Without AC)

The way nature has been behaving to us is a clear reaction of our deeds.  

Isn’t it?  

The use of Air Conditioners and furnace systems have directly and indirectly affected nature. (1)  

During the summers, you are all sweating and things are all damp with the humidity – what are you supposed to do? Suffer? Not at all!  

We turn on the AC and relax. You get the privilege of creating a wintery atmosphere in your personalized room; however, this directly affects the environment adversely in a way you can’t imagine.  

How to Keep the House Cool in Summers? 

We can’t say NO to Air Conditioners. I totally agree to this.  

But is there any way to control the use of Air Conditioners?  

Probably yes!  

Even the temperatures differ when you come out of the air-conditioned room, which can make you feel uncomfortable. What are the different ways in which we can deal this heat in a natural way? The following are some of my favorite summer hacks that anyone could easily try out.  

1. Use the Windows 

Open the windows during the night time. There are places which are preferably cold during the night time. You could make out the best use of this cooling, and be surprised by how quickly the hot air gets replaced with the cold air immediately.  

Turn on the whole house fan and see how amazing it feels being in the room without an air conditioner.  

2. Heat created by the home appliances 

Yes, you read this right.  

Your home appliance creates a lot of heat while in operation. Therefore, you can try to reduce the use of appliances like laundry and even the grilling puts out a lot of heat in the air making the surrounding air hot.  

If you have to use the stove at night, make sure you turn on an exhaust fan or a regular fan to ward off the excess heat inside the rooms.   

3. Things you can do for the Exteriors! 

Plant some trees in your surroundings, as its cool shade will keep things pleasant during the hot summery days. Now, planting a tree needs patience, as it doesn’t grow quickly so you can plant it today and reap the benefits in the future.  

Add some shades to the windows or a shutter-kind of thing.  

What about getting a small roof in the outdoors? You can plant in some of your plant small plants and set up a coffee table and rest in the place with the protection of the shade. 

4. Check the temperature of the body 

Ah! This is important, no matter what season, month, or year it is. 

The temperature inside your body can make things so much better for you! Therefore, focus on body temperature and less on the outdoor temperature. You can sip through your favorite iced tea and also keeping yourself cool inside out is never a bad idea.  

You can even keep a bowl of cold water beside your bed. Set down your feet inside the cold water whenever you feel hot.  

5. Other Tips to Keep your Home Cool!  

The other quick tips which you can include for your routine include:  

Keeping the house door open as much as possible. This will ensure that the room is cool and breezy throughout the day as well as night.  

Once you have taken your bath, keep the exhaust fan on and let the heat move out of the room. This is a sure-shot tip which works great for all small and large residential space.  

Are you using incandescent? I think it’s time to say goodbye to the incandescent bulbs and switch to CFLs. Studies have shown that CFLs waste about 90% of its own energy in the form of heat. This will only affect a bit on the cooling part and help you save a lot on your electricity bills.  

6. Change the Bedsheets 

I know we all frequently change our room bedsheets; this keeps the room fresh and but did you know that it can help reduce a significant amount of heat too? Among the different fabrics, cotton is the recommended one that keeps you cool and lets you breathe easier than any other fabric.  

Apart from all these tips, you can also focus on improving your sleep or taking a cold shower! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, just as we had fun sharing the tips. 

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