10 Safety Tips for Portable Space Heaters - HVAC Winter Tips

Hot chocolate, Blankets, and Netflix! Winters are sorted, right?

We know that everything in the world feels delightful and beautiful – except that one thing – COLD! You can’t get away with the cold, shivering nights easily with warm clothes and sweaters. Also, in some places, the temperature falls below 0°C and there’s a better way to deal with it. My answer would be Space Heaters!

Even if you have planned to stay indoors during the winters, it still doesn’t guarantee a cozy time. If you are looking for a personal heater that will keep you warm, then a space heater is a good option to consider. Else for those looking for a larger heating option can consider a large space heater.

What is a Space Heater?

A space heater is a device that helps with heating or warming a single area or small portion inside a room. You can opt for an electrical space heater or the one which runs on fuel like propane, natural gas, or wood pellets. When we talk about the personal or the portable space heaters, they usually run on electricity (as the permanent heaters have an exhaust system for the fuel burn-ups).

Coming to the different types of space heaters, you can go for a central heating system however at times they may not work as effectively as you wish. This is when you will feel the need to have a compact, personal space heater for yourself. Therefore, central heating may not heat up the room well, while the portable space heater doesn’t replace the conventional heater system.

Different Types of Space Heaters Available in the Market

No matter where you install a space heater – your home or office, it will be a great addon asset for comfortable surroundings.

Coming to the space heater working, each one of them works on different principles and technologies – and similarly, they vary a lot in the prices too.

There are basically 4 types of space heaters: Convection heater, Fan forced heater, Radiant heater, and finally the Micathermic panel heater.

Convection heater comes with the heat transfer oil that helps with radiating heat inside the room. This type of heater is low maintenance and doesn’t need much of the cleaning work. It’s recommended for the bedrooms however the heat spreading is slow on this one.

Fan Forced Heater is known for its versatility among all the space heater models. The heater comes with options like oscillation, remote control settings, digital thermostat support, and even multiple fan settings. They are not only ideal for the bedroom, but also a living/dining space that has large rooms. Whereas, the ceramic fan-forced heaters are also cool on the safety aspects compared to the previous convection heater model.

Radiant Heater is the one which gives the ‘instant heat’ output, well, all thanks to the infrared rays! These heaters offer direct and instant heat – so if you are looking for a similar model then go for it! You may find this heater in a wooden cabinet too, which gives it a furniture feel and less like a heater appliance. Silent in operation and energy-efficient, what else do we need!

Micathermic Panel Heater is the hybrid space heater in the slot. This appliance releases 80% of the convection heat and 20% of the radiant heat. You can wall-mount this space heater in your style, as this one is light in weight and portable. The only downside is the device always remains hot, so less recommended for homes with kids.

For buying a space heater, you need to consider the purpose and the area constraints at your place too. A space heater can be installed in different styles like wall-mount style, tabletop, portable or the freestanding way. So, look at your requirements and see if the portable space heater meets all of them in the budget.

Portable Space Heater - Safety Tips to Consider While Dealing with It 

No doubt the space heaters are a great tool, however, we also hear many accidents occurring on mishandling the same systems.

What is the reason? Can’t we do something about this?

If you are planning to get one space heater for your home, read the following safety checklist for handling and maintenance.

There are 10 Safety Tips below – the first 5 are the things you should follow, and the next 5 points discuss the things you shouldn’t follow.

  1. Follow the 3-feet rule. Keep all the combustible things including bedsheets, sofa, etc. 3 feet away from the heater model.
  2. Make sure that you are using a safety certified space heater at home. Look out for the logo on the heater before purchase.
  3. Check that the plugs are properly placed on the socket and they are not getting loose or coming out.
  4. Train your family and members at home how to use the space heater.
  5. Turn the small space heater off before your sleeping time and place them in a different room.
  6. Do not crowd the space heater, in the front-back-rear side of the device.
  7. Do not place the heater on a table or chair or anything that doesn’t feel stable.
  8. Do not use any kind of extension cord for the heater, unless you are left with no choices.
  9. Do not run the heater near water or with your wet hands.
  10. Installation space and ventilation are important. Do not install a large space heater for a small home and ensure that the room is nicely ventilated.

If you are new to space heaters, you can always take help from the online experts and trained HVAC technicians nearest to your home.

Safety should be the main priority of all, and we hope this blog on space heater gave you a clear insight into it. Follow the instructions provided in the manual, and take the necessary steps required for the processing.



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